Your Face Is A Rape Scene (withnarmslength) wrote,
Your Face Is A Rape Scene


well, first off everyone download new timothy leary shit

i read over old entries and its weird. i live such a completly different life now, hang out with different people now. i'mgoing fuckin bald (have a dermatology appointment tomorrow).

im so tempted to try to talk to everyone i used to but at the same time i dont. im lazy. this is probably ganna be my last post in forever again.

when i got cable internet the dude gave up cable tv for free too. after living without cable internet and tv for 8 months, i didnt think id miss it. but im loving it.

i already want to delete this whole thing.

i havent had a girlfriend in like... a good year and some. i was planning on crusing myspace and hitting on people, but id rather jusr blaze all day and download new music.

houdini says hello.
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