Your Face Is A Rape Scene (withnarmslength) wrote,
Your Face Is A Rape Scene

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so now a total of 4 dudes have seen my unclothed penis.

.........but they were for probation piss tests.

JOHN CRUM---before I questioned if you had a life but the confirmed answer is NO YOU DON'T. Don't give me the "I work on a computer and am paid to post on lambgoat" response. The big tough named john crum right? Lemme guess that's supposed to make people intimidated of you. Fuck that, you probably use this board as a mask of your insecurity, you fucking loser. Take the tub sock off your dick and play in traffic.

DAVID HAWKINS: anytime i think here is cirkus than is better gor me when i see something on net but when i come back than i feel here is many dumb or no?

JEROME POTAETO: a pirate walks into a bar, and he's got a steering wheel in his pants... the bartender says to him "wow, that looks uncomfortable". and the pirate says "ARRRRR!! it's drivin' me nuts"

Dude, Scott Vogel can't type. Even if he could, he wouldn't, it's not his style. He'd just hit the keyboard with his microphone and kick it in its face and say "alright, this next one is for the scene..."
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