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possession of maijuana-
150$ court cost
year probation
have to go to rehab (16 weeks)
24 hours community service (thats only 3 days)
liscenes suspended for 6 months

reckless driving-

liscenes suspended for a year (but just a year, they didnt add it on to the 6 months or anything)
ASAP classes (6 weeks)
300$ fine
201$ court cost
60 days suspended jail time

*stands there with empty pockets pulled out of pants*

but i finally got a new belt. after 2 months, i have a belt again
and its not really new, i got it doing community service at goodwill. along with 2 game gear games. and a game gear. and a beavis figurine. condescion yo.

p.s. ive started vaguely recordings stuff again. and i came to a discovery that theres a newly semi popularized band named the red cloud.
the red cloud of lakota nation = sex coldren
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