Your Face Is A Rape Scene (withnarmslength) wrote,
Your Face Is A Rape Scene

fuck alcohol, fuck drugs. ive spent all night in the hospitol because last night i totaled my car being a complete moron and drunk driving. the car fliped over around 2 times and my since i have minimal insurance, i now have no car. not to mention im going to lose my liscenes for a good while with a dui and reckless driving charge. but at least im alive. i may be a complete fucktard but at least now i can see how badly im fucking my life up. there was 2 other people in the car, one just got a neck injury, and one had to have glass removed from his back and arm. im happy they are okay for the most part to, i really dont see how i could have lived with myself knowing that i was responsible for taking their lives. i also have to check myself into drug rehabilition classes soon if i want to continue living with my mom, which i honeslty dont mind doing. seeing as how i dont think ill be doing any drugs or anything like that for a VERRRY long time. knowing that they could have taken my life last night makes me not want to go near them.

heres the sum of the story>
my car flipped over a few times and eventually landed upside down. we got out, and i started running to my house (it happened right off the garrisonville exit) so i could call 911 or something. but i guess someone else did because an ambulnace picked me up in a shopping center on the way. i think they refered to it as fleeing the scene though... its too weird seeing your arms covered in blood and furthermore trying to convince yourslef you're alright and that your friend that you put through the same thing are also okay. last night was officially the worst night of my life. end of post.
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