Your Face Is A Rape Scene (withnarmslength) wrote,
Your Face Is A Rape Scene

By: scapegoat on 4/28/2004 12:43:18 AM

this happened at the six feet under show in arizona.

"On Monday April 12th @ Mason Jar I had a HC show, no suprise there, thats the type of music I book as a HOBBY, not my living, a HOBBY. Well to shorten what is about to become a personal attack/ rant and rave, 12 HC kids (might as well call them a gang) attacked a 51 year old man that was in attendance. They proceeded to knock him unconciuos with brass knuckles they snuck in and then take turns happily kicking him in the skull until his eye popped out of its socket. Said gentleman is not pressing charges (well how can he since none of the HC kids with "honor, integrity, unity" saw anything). He is also being kind enough not to sue myself or the owner of the Jar @ this time (both of which are easy enough targets) in turn for coverage of his medical bills (he did not have health insurance). Well here it is, if Mason Jar uses there insurance, they will lose their coverage cuz of past incidents, hence have to shut their doors. Me well, my hobby is probably going to put me into bankruptcy as I dont remotely have the tens of thousands of dollars needed. Pretty cool huh. On May 10th to help alleviate some of the financial burden that I shouldnt even have to be paying in the first fucking place Mason Jar and I are doing a joint medical expenses benefit show. I do really hope some of the MANY bands (and people) that have been helped by both of us get off their asses and offer their support. I dont know I am a little emotional, this guy is fucking blind, I am about ready to be living in a cardboard fucking box all so some kids could have "fun" @ a show."

By: xemoryhardcorex on 4/28/2004 12:43:41 AM

cave in but yes, very very fucked up. big thread about it earlier

By: CaptNigga on 4/28/2004 12:44:03 AM

hxc sucks sxe sucks

By: soccermom on 4/28/2004 12:44:41 AM

Cave In as fuck

terrible as fuck

By: xemoryhardcorex on 4/28/2004 12:45:08 AM

Straight edge does not suck.

Those kids suck.

That old guy sucks.

"Fuck 'em all." - Phil Anselmo.

By: Tim Diesel on 4/28/2004 12:45:35 AM


By: simmia on 4/28/2004 12:45:50 AM

"we like penis" - pantera in unison

By: EyeSmellThatWhore on 4/28/2004 12:45:53 AM

Very old. I thought it was bullshit.

By: jedstylesux on 4/28/2004 12:47:08 AM

By: CaptNigga on 4/28/2004 12:44:03 AM

hxc sucks sxe sucks

By: scapegoat on 4/28/2004 12:47:25 AM

But wait there's more. i don't know if somebody posted this... but this post made me angrier

The following message is by a woman who's Mom's boyfriend got beat up at a SIX FEET UNDER recently this month at the Mason Jar in Arizona.

"My mother, her boyfriend Warren, my boyfriend and I all went to see SIX FEET UNDER, one of Warren’s favorite bands. He had just relocated to Phoenix, from Chicago three months ago. He mentioned liking the band, so I thought it would be a fun night out for us to go out and enjoy a good night at the JAR. Warren, although 51 in age, is a hardcore fan and hardcore guitarist and you would not know he was 51 if you spent even five minutes talking to him. He has backed up bands such Henry Rollins, Black Flag, Ramones, The DK’s, Naked Raygun, Fear Factory, Hate Breed, and many more! He knows the hardcore scene, as well as mosh pit ethics and codes. He was telling us on the way to the JAR how cool Mosh Pits are. They are about the camaraderie, the band, and the appreciation of the music. If someone knocks someone else down, they are the first ones to pick you up and make sure you are okay. What went on that night at the JAR was NOT a MOSH PIT. It was 13 kids, with X’s on their hands, mouth guards in, and brass knuckles on, flailing their arms and legs daring people to step inside. Noticing this, my boyfriend, originally from Boston, and also being in many bands, made me stand in the back near the metal fence so I would not get hurt. He pointed out to Warren that this was no mosh pit; it was an accident waiting to happen. Warren was sitting behind the metal fence with my mom and enjoying the music that ON BROKEN WINGS was playing. He wanted to get a closer look because he could not see the band. The “Flailing Pit” was getting bigger and expanding and pushing everyone to the corners of the room. Warren walked AROUND the “Flailing Pit” to get to the second row so he could SEE the band.

I was watching him from the back. Out of nowhere, one of these Straightedge short kids walked up to his back reached over another two rows of people and sucker punched him from the BACK with BRASS KNUCKLES. Warren, not knowing what the hell happened, turned around to see what was going on, only to be beaten down before he realized what happened. As soon as he turned around 7-10 more kids were waiting for him, brass knuckles, and mouth guards in and began punching him. I saw him disappear into the crowd… the crowd was moving towards the door. He was knocked unconscious before he even hit the floor. These kids continued to kick him, at least 10 times in the chest and back (you can see the footprints on his shirt) and at least 20 times in the head, the ER Doctor said probably more since he could feel 20 bumps already forming, chances are he got kicked more than that. Remember: I could still not see what was going on, but trying to break myself into the crowd. Apparently someone started
calling these kids by name and told them to get off… one of the pussies’s leaned over and ripped Warren’s earring out (way to go tough guy). By the time I got to Warren, he was still unconscious, not moving, and a pool of blood a half and inch think and at least 12 inches in diameter was growing underneath his head. I saw blood coming from his left eye, his mouth, and his nose. He was laying on his right side. All this happened in less than 60 seconds, I kid you not. Most of you know how fast this shit can happen. Finally maybe five minutes later Warren started coming to, and we had to try to carry him outside (he’s not a tiny guy). His eye was bleeding... he looked half dead. My mom came outside; she didn’t see what went on so as soon as she saw him she started throwing up. Let me tell you guys, it was BAD.

I drove Warren to the hospital so he’d get there faster and cheaper than an ambulance. He got right in when the nurses saw his condition. In a nutshell- he had a concussion, a broken nose, a sprained left wrist, knocked out teeth, and a seriously hemorrhaged eye. He may still lose his vision in his left eye.

Nobody likes to be stereotyped as many of you pointed out. Not all straightedge peeps are bad, not all hardcore fans are violent, and none of you like to be stereotyped. Neither does this 51 year old man. We were there for the music, ages 20, 46, and 51… when you are 51 are you going to stop listening to your punk and hard core music? People shouldn’t stereotype hardcore fans, or 51 year old fans, only these 13 spineless, gutless, and cowards that feel the need to prove their manhood my premeditating an attack from the back.

For the people who say that if you don’t like the violence, you shouldn’t come; are you implying that anyone that comes to a core concert needs to be ready to be sucker punched and kicked into oblivion, then sent to the ER? That’s not what music is about punk, hard core, metal, none of it is about violence, and it is about the band, the music, and the camaraderie.

By: SwampLord on 4/28/2004 12:48:23 AM

"Fuck 'em all." - Phil Anselmo.

Holy shit, that is a Phil quote for sure.

By: CaptNigga on 4/28/2004 12:48:39 AM

good quote i must say

By: strongereveryday on 4/28/2004 12:51:41 AM

By: strongereveryday on 4/27/2004 6:43:29 PM
By: adam hellbound on 4/27/2004 5:37:20 PM
Why are we arguing about this? We all know who's really to blame:

On Broken Wings.

^^^^ best post by far. ^^^^

Seriously, we all need to just give up on this "hardcore scene." It doesn't exist. There are a handful of kids who truly believe in unity and expressing themselves and positivity or whatever the hell people are screaming about these days. The majority of hardcore kids don't really believe any of that shit and they certainly don't live their lives that way. GIVE UP ON HARDCORE. Most of the bands suck anyway, except for a few that are actually creative and unique. There is no scene. If you go to a show and really believe that the other people at the show care at all about you, you are WRONG.

Go to your room, Listen to Led Zeppelin, and think about what you've done.

By: solideogloria on 4/28/2004 12:53:43 AM

hardcore is like that kid in school that always took things wa y too seriously, and wound up getting pissed off and threw chairs at his peers. hardcore needs to go to the principal's office.

oh and by the way i finally bought a car today. should have insurance/plates and everything by... thursday.
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